Bifesta Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Lotion

Bifesta is the No. 1 Water-based Makeup Remover Brand in Japan.
Being a fan for many years now, I am so excited to share about their latest launch!
The new Bifesta Sensitive Micellar Cleansing lotion is designed specially as your defence against City Skin, to protect the skin from drying and friction and is of a non-stinging formula. Similar to their existing micellar cleansing lotions, it is free of Oil, Alcohol, Paraben, Fragrance, Colourant and is allergy-tested to ensure the best formula for users.
 City dwellers are often exposed to a myriad of external stresses (lack of sleep, work stress, fast pace life, pollution, makeup) and these are contributing factors to hormonal changes which can cause your skin to be even more sensitive (“City skin”). Beyond being just a makeup remover, this sensitive lotion takes it one step further to protect your skin from drying and friction to be ready for all these external stresses.
 I must say that it did a pretty decent job in removing all the base makeup off my face, without stripping it of moisture. Especially with my erratic skin conditions, it is important that the cleanser does not thug on my skin or cause any dryness. What truly impressed me was its ability to remove stubborn high performance makeup like my waterproof mascara, crazy eyeshadow and gel eyeliner with at most 2 swipes! Best part, it is non-stinging on the eyes. A tip: I like to drench each cotton pad and leave it on my eyes for 5-10 seconds while giving it a light massage. I found that my makeup gets removed more effectively without much friction!
 I love how gentle the Bifesta Sensitive Micellar Cleansing lotion feels on my skin, leaving it feeling clean, refreshed and moisturized! I highly recommend those with sensitive skin to try this.
It is now available at all major drugstores, supermarkets and department stores!