By One Sii Smooth Repair Essence review

Did you know? 

Stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, UV light, chemical substances and air pollution accumulates significant build-up of "reactive oxygen species (ROS)" and "residual alkali" on our scalp, causing frailty and accelerated ageing. 

I never knew this, but colouring, perm and straightening at a hair salon damages pigment cells on our scalp resulting in hair loss and gray hair! Alkaline colouring agents contain ROS which remains on our scalp and cannot be completely removed only by shampooing once. 

I was invited for a spa treat to try out the By One Sii Smooth Repair Essence. The product is neither a shampoo or treatment, but a new concept hair care booster designed to repair oxidation damage andtangled and split ended tresses by providing vital nourishment deep into the hair follicles. 

Such a cosy place! 
What better than to enjoy this treatment from Japan at a Japanese salon. 

An easy step-by-step manual is provided on how to use the product so you can enjoy having a hair spa in the comfort of your own home. 

Step 1: Mix shampoo with smooth repair essence in a 2:1 ratio (essence being half the amount of shampoo) on your palm. 

Step 2: Firmly apply the foam to your scalp and leave it for some time. 

Take some cute selfies while you are at it!
Step 3: After washing your hair, use your usual conditioner and treatment to nourish your hair 

Contains 3 key ingredients for healthier hair: 
Iouseki stone comes from Kanazawa, famous for its hot springs in Japan. 
It removes oxidation in hair and deep-cleanses the scalp, for healthier hair.

Cornflower extract 
helps recover lymphatic vessel activity which has been deteriorated by UV light to promote detoxification and discharge of waste products, for firmer hair.

Amaranthus Caudatus Seed extract, along with the rich content of amino acids, helps restore hair which has become thinner due to stress back to its original healthy state, for youthful looking hair. 

My verdict:

The experience I had with the by one sii Smooth Repair Essence was very invigorating. I love that the product is fragrance-free so it doesn't get mixed up with the scent of my shampoo. 

I am LOVING the silky smoothness. 
My hair is so much easier to style too!

 Finally, a product worthy of saving my tresses from the damage caused by repeated hair coloring and ageing gray hair! In particular, the product is well suited to bleached hair and seems to be keeping it well maintained without dryness. It feels very light and easy to use, with a refreshing sensation on the scalp. I also notice that it helps to give my hair a more voluminous look.

After using the By One Sii Smooth Repair Essence at home for some time after the salon visit, my hair elasticity and firmness has been restored. It kept my light coloured hair in check and I experienced an improvement in my scalp health. I don't drop as much hair as I usually do when I shower which is a good indicator of its efficacy.   

In short, I recommend by one sii to those who colour or perm their hair often. It makes a wonderful gift to friends and family and is easy to incorporate into any haircare routine. Since the product is mixed with your regular shampoo, a little also goes a long way!

You can purchase by one sii from their official website or Shopee linked below, or experience a hair spa at their partnering hair salons.


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