odbo vitamin c mask review

Omg I am still awake now when I really should be sleeping! Just thought I should rejuvenate my skin so that it'll be at it's best since I'm gona be doing a fashion show tomorrow (technically it's later, friday hehe). Oh ya do drop by Sephora @ ION to show some love if you happen to be around the area in the evening between 6 to 7pm! ^  ^

SO ANYWAYS, let me introduce you this awesome mask from ODBO that I am currently using as I'm typing this blog entry! *HEHEHHE* It is one of my favourite brands of face mask that I got from Korea! Some of you have been asking me what skincare products I use and how I managed to make myself look fairer. Well, for those who are high on whitening, you should give this a shot!

odbo vit c brightening mask is formulated with 3 main functions:
My face instantly brightens up after each usage! No kidding! For best results, use this 3 - 4 times a week. Just leave it on for 20-30 mins. It's super super important to cultivate a good habit of masking regularly. Good skin comes with a price ;)

Shall continue playing Candy Crush which I am hopelessly addicted to. Can't believe I am only at lvl 18 while my girlfriend Chloe is already at lvl 90ish! *CRIES*

See ya soon!!!!! Will be blogging bout korean facial next so rmb to stay tuned! 


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