Whisper Cosmo

Woke up to really good skin after trying this super awesome mask from THEFACESHOP.
I can't get enough of how radiant I look in the morning.

Whisper Cosmo Launch
Today I am gona introduce a new intimate product for ladies.
Spent the afternoon attending the launch of Whisper Cosmo.
Wonder what Whisper Cosmo is?
It is Whisper's latest miracle and next generation pad.
Turning the pad world on its head is the New Whisper Cosmo- a premium lineup that combines breakthrough innovation and technology, freeing women to create, innovate and express.

The new premium Whisper Cosmo promises a whole new 360 degrees freedom of movement. Amazingly light and flexible, this miracle pad stays incredibly dry and soft through each wear, giving women the freedom to do anything they want, any time of the day. 

Here's a video of the miracle pad or what I would like to call "atas pad"

The event was held at UPSIDEMOTION.

The ambassador of Whisper, Felicia Chin was here to share with us ladies on her experience with Whisper Cosmo.

Co-owner of LoveBonito, Viola Tan also shared her testimonial on Whisper cosmo.

Really happy to attend this together with Esther.
She's so cute, she was like telling me how it was just about time Whisper Cosmo could come into handy cos she's having her thingy now.
It was so much fun although we didn't get to try the YogaFly in the end, but I promise we will do this soon once I'm less busy!

Felicia demonstrating how YogaFly works. 
Looks pretty challenging but she did a great job!

Guess who I bumped into? 
Kit from Nylon!
Haven't seen this pretty girl since the Seoul trip.
So glad we got to catch up abit :)

Shall end off this post with my ootd from threadtheory