Casio EX-TR15 & EX-TR10

I don't even need to emphasize how fabulous it is when it comes to the Casio EX-TR15.
It is the compact camera that every girl would die to have, including me!
I'm not exaggerating but especially in Japan and China, they are selling hotter than hotcakes so you can imagine how fast it gets sold out.
My expectations can be quite high, because I'm one who can't settle for less.  
Haha so when I say I'm impressed with something, trust me baby it is probably a MUST-HAVE! ;)

I am thrilled to be one of the first few in sg to experience the wonders of the Casio TR15!
And I owe it to the opportunity given to me to be one of the models selected to grace this event.
They had a super kawaii high-tea (MY FAVOURITE! DUH!) setting with cupcakes, macaroons and wine just for me and my co-partner of this event to camwhore with. 
And yes, that was basically our job. 
What could possibly pay better than this!

The models and partners of Casio 

Here's the outcome of the pictures taken with the Casio EX-TR15 without editing. 
*okay i cheated, but only with the ever-amazing Casio EX-TR15. hehe*
I'm amazed at what the make-up and brightening mode can do.
This is designed for taking beautiful self-portraits so that anyone can look like a celebrity!

Casio EX-TR15 photo casioTR15_zps80cad55c.gif

What I also love is the convenience of the built-in wifi.
Im indulged with the luxury of uploading my pictures easily to Instagram/facebook with just a click!
Comes in 3 colours.
I got mine in this sexy shade of hot pink because it's simply so me haha.
Don't you agree that it makes a super swag fashion accessory?
Totally entices me to camwhore more than I already do.

This camera is made for me. I HAD to get it.
^ ^

Good news all you Hello Kitty fanatics!
Casio Singapore today announced the launch of its limited edition Hello Kitty X EXILIM EX-TR10, exclusive only to Singapore.

Look at this cutie bag that comes with it!
How not to love????

The Hello Kitty X EXILIM EX-TR10 cameras will be sold at the upcoming COMEX Show 2013 (5th-8th September) at the Casio booth 6116, Hall 6A and will be limited to just 25 units per day retailing at S$1,199.00.

OMG Im not so tempted to sell my pink TR15 for this. 
Im THIS CLOSE to doing that I swear!