Browtisan: 6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery

Just before christmas, I decided to give myself a treat at Browtisan by COCO.
And my fetish for having Korean straight clean brows continue...
 So here's how I actually look when I don't draw my brows.
I know it looks scruffy.. don't judge ok?

COCO specializes in eyebrow and facial grooming for over 20 years! After seeing her works, I felt totally safe letting her decide on the shape and design of my brows because she knows what matches my facial features best. To me, my beautician should share the same beauty point (审美观) so that I can trust her to deliver the results I want. 
I was told to relax all my facial muscles during the shaping process for balanced, perfect looking brows. 
So I gave a poker face. hehe
 Next..applying numbing cream. 
What better way than to camwhore while waiting 20 minutes for it to set!

Now we begin! 
I'm so surprised it doesn't hurt, not even like an ant bite.
If you wanna know why the brows done by COCO always look 100% natural, then don't miss this part. Stroke by stroke, COCO meticulously ensures every strand is ultra fine so that it looks like your own hair.  
 See! Natural, fuller brows right away. No down time!

Tea and chit chat time with COCO.
After everything is done, she sits with me to explain all I need to know about the aftercare. 
I wanted my perfectly shaped korean brows to last a long long time hence I followed all her instructions attentively like an A+ student. heh!

Thank you COCO ^^
(Awkard position cos i didn't wanna block the logo haha)

Here's how it looks after a month:

If you love how natural my brows look, you should totally give this a try!
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