Malissa KISS white me up sleeping pack- Love at first kiss

Hello girls! 
You are gona love me for sharing the secret to how Thai celebrities achieve their fair skin. 

The FIRST in Singapore to present to you the BEST seller Malissa KISS white me up sleeping pack in Thailand!

✔ Certified by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand)
✔ Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
This is an overnight concentrate collagen cream mask that helps to restore radiance, clarity and suppleness to our skin. Here comes my favourite part... it is made up of 100% NATURAL ingredients! 

It's as easy as 1,2,3

KISS Skincare SG is Singapore's Sole Distributor for KISS Skincare products and due to the rising popularity of the product in Singapore, there are many fakes and un-authorized sources selling them so be careful girls!

The sleeping mask comes in a 30ml bottle, sealed with goodness! 
I love that each pump dispense just the right amount for the whole face without allowing the rest of the cream to be exposed to air. I wish all products came in this packaging, it's so much more hygienic. This is especially great for girls like me with 洁癖 (OCD) hahaha.

Say hi to beautiful glowing skin!


6 Benefits in one:
- Brightening
- Moisturizing 
- Lighten Acne Scars
- Reduce Open Pores
- Even Skin Tone
- Anti Wrinkle

After just one usage, my skin was slightly brighter and smoother in the morning!
I've been using this alot because I'm addicted to its brightening effects.
I feel like I'm a shade lighter after using this for just a few weeks.
But of course, I also don't go out to the sun at all simply because I just hate it.
Only thing is the packaging isn't see through so I can't gauge when the cream is finishing.
Overall I'm giving this product a thumbs up!

Smell: Fresh pleasant scent
Texture: Baby smooth and glides on to skin easily
Price: $58 (worth every cent)
Rating: 4/5 stars

 In case you are wondering, this product have just re-branded.
Left- previous packaging V.S right- brand new packaging.
The left picture was taken 1 month after using the product and the right picture was taken 2 months after using the product! I'm getting fairer and brighter each day thanks to Malissa KISS white me up sleeping pack!

Do give it a try and tell me if you love it as much as I do ok? :)

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  1. Hey! Nice review :)
    U hv gorgeous skin .i m currently started using kiss Melissa white me up sleeping's pretty awesome :).. but i m worried if long time using causes thin skin or any side effects..i want to know,is that ok to use this product like a year long,,nd how long u r using.. plz reply :)
    Thnx in advance :)