21 On Raja

A couple of nights ago I had a delightful food tasting dinner @ 21 On Raja. The food was really YUMMY especially their desserts. Initially I set a limit for myself and that is to just try a small bite out of everything but NOOO I was wrong, I finished every bit of sinful goodness there was. I figured it was either I'm horribly lack of discipline or the desserts were just out of this world!
I love having red wine to go with my cuisines because it washes out the flavour and gets my taste palette ready for the next dish.

Manager Keshavan specially asked the bar to prepare this Blue & Berries Crunch mocktail for me. I like its refreshing taste. So sweet of him! 
Smoked eel crostini for starters
as well as Bacon prawn roll

and Grilled chicken satay in Balinese spices
For the mains I had:
Jumbo prawns with Dill and Saffron Paella (top left)
Marseilles Seafood Bouillabaisse (top right)
Moroccan Harira with Chicken and Garbanzo Beans
Stewed FIllet of Danish Cold Water Halibut "Lisbon Style"
Dessert- Penneone bread & butter pudding with dates
Dessert- Dark Chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis
Saving the best for the last :)
P.S the warm chocolate oozes out when you gently poke it with a fork! Goes well with the mashmellow and ice cream. Mmmmm mm!
21 on Rajah
Days Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park
1 Jalan Rajah Singapore 329133
Check out their website here!

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