Dressy Loft + Danro hotpot

Can't believe I'm up at 3 in morning doing this blog post! Since my morning shoot has been cancelled and school only starts at 1530, I guess hanging around here a lil longer wouldn't hurt. *heh heh* I wanna share my super oishi experience dining at Danro hotpot today! I was so privileged to have 4 kawaii jap bloggers joining me. They were so cute and bubbly, even our dear friend HongPeng was so swooned by them. *WEEWEET*    

My OOTD sponsored by Dressy Loft

I started with fruits instead

The owner says they try to accommodate to the local taste buds by adding some of our all time must-haves during steamboats here in Singapore

Berry cute jap fishcakes!

Chef demonstrating how to make these famous rice sticks!
They usually dip it in the different hotpot soup broths. And it is so so yummy

I get a go too! :D

Icy yuzu dessert!!! Love this best!

macha cakes!

group shot with them kawaii nehz 

Check out my first ever vlog! omgggg *SHY*

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For the night owls who are still awake, I apologise if these visuals have made you suffer from unusual food cravings in the wee hours of this morning! I'm so tempted to reach for a bar of chocolate before bed. Owwww~

Anw hope you had fun reading this and maybe Danro hotpot can be an option under your list of food escapades in the future!
CIAO ^ô^

Danro Hotpot
Serangoon NEX #02-04/06
Singapore 556083


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    1. Thanks for having me! Keep in touch ya! Cheers :)

  3. Looks so noms darling! Would love to win some vouchers~~