Salon Vim x Milly's x High Society

Salon Vim
It was about time I got my hair roots touched-up.
I am so loving my current hair colour hence I decided to keep it for awhile longer before deciding on experimenting another colour!

For the past few weeks I have been feeling rather depressed over my sensitive scalp. 
It was so bad that my head was itching alot and visible flakes were formed. *YIKES*
I tried using a few different shampoos thinking that this problem will go away as long as I found a suitable one ultimately.
Just when I thought all hope was gone, Ymond introduced me a scalp treatment.

It worked like miracle! 
I did this treatment before touching up my hair roots to protect my scalp and to treat my problem.
I love this product, it is indeed my life saver!

Thank you once again to Salon Vim and Ymond for taking care of me and making me so beautiful all the time!
I feel like a kpop star with gorgeous locks after each visit at Salon Vim.
   You can too! ^ ^ 

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Milly's Hair Lashes Nails
Nails of the month (June)

Nails of the month (May)

Thank you for Milly's for sponsoring me with such pretty nails!
I highly recommend you girls to Chloe. 
She's takes such great pride and effort in ensuring I get the best designs. 
Service is top-notched!! 

Far East Plaza & Bugis Street 
TEL: FEP 67376723 / Bugis 63384137 
WHATAPPS appointment at 83835395 
Twitter: @millysbeautysg 
Instagram: @millysbeautysg 

 High Society 
Had an extremely enjoyable time catching up with Winnie, Jocelyn and Yang over high tea!
This is one of my favourite places to just chill and relax.
They have 2 outlets. One at Pacific Plaza and the other at MBS.
This is a great place to bring a date or even for some girlfriends time!