My route to healthy scalp at Luxe Scalp Specialist

As compared to short hair I had when I was younger (sweet 16??? heh), long hair is so much harder to manage I swear! It takes longer to blow dry and sometimes when I'm so damn tired, I fall asleep doing that while my hair is still half wet. This is a VERY bad habit because over time, it causes my scalp to be rather unhealthy and itchy at times :( What more I love to dye my hair very often so the strong ammonia ingredient irritates my scalp further!

After trying various salon scalp treatments, the problem is still there (*faints*) so I finally decided to visit a scalp specialist and find out what's wrong!

I was invited for a rescue session with Luxe and I'm only sharing this because I find their treatment really effective. 

Marlyn was my consultant of the day and she's very good! If you do go there, you can ask for her. 
First, she did a scan on my scalp to identify the issues bothering me.

and she recommended a suitable treatment specially targeted at my needs

OMO OMO I gotta say it was kinda traumatizing for me to see a super close up of my scalp only to realise it looks super unflattering! But thank god I discovered my problems early. Prevention is better than cure!

 The Origin Luxe Scalp Treatment
1) High frequency therapy: Detoxifies and kills germs on scalp, helps to regenerate cells too.
Slight tingling sensation. 

2) Revitalising comb massage: awakes pores

3) Anti-bacterial hair wash: Washes and massages scalp thoroughly. 

 4) Ginger tonic + Lemongrass essential oil: Opens pores that helps stimulate the hair follicles and softens hair. Smells yummy! 

5) Herbal mask + Micro mist steam: The good stuff! Nutrients penetrate deep into pores and does its magic.

6) Hydrating hair mask + shoulder neck and shoulder massage: Intensive mask that has almost the same moisture booting effects as your face masks except this is for the scalp! I really enjoyed the massage after a long day! When you are in a relaxed mood, your pores absorbs all the goodness more effectively.

7) IF heat therapy: For enhanced application absorption and gets rid of stubborn bacteria on the scalp.

Before: dry and flaky which causes clogging hence my pores can't breathe 
After: clean, nourished scalp that is more breathable 

I'm amazed at what 1 session does to rescue my scalp! I'm definitely going back again because I'm convinced how this treatment does wonders for me. 
I'm also advised to change my shampoo to something lighter to prevent irritation 

So that sums up my 3 hour session at Luxe.
All these for only $15 (U.P $150)
It's such a good beauty deal and I'm so glad I can introduce it to you girls!!!

133 New Bridge Road
02-28 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059418
Tel: 6702 0777