TheFaceShop Natural Sun Eco Launch

TheFaceShop has launched its latest Natural Sun Eco series and I was kinda looking forward to this because it's my first party invitation as TheFaceShop Top Girl! Credits to Ginny, Allicia and Germaine who did a really good job on making this event a success. (Especially love the pretty sunflowers and bright yellow party theme). Also, thanks Carissa for beautifying my face once again! I'm definitely gona miss you when you go on your long maternity break but I'm even more excited to seeing pictures of the newborn baby soon :)

Product/makeup demo by Carissa
Photo credits to Jiahui

My pg for the day! 
Ever so supportive in everything I do :D

Cutie pie Alicia

The beauty bloggers I met at the event.
All looking pretty in sunny outfits ^^

The new range consists of
Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream SPF45+PA+++
 Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF50+PA+++
 Natural Oil-Cut Sun Cream SPF40+PA+++
 Natural Sun Eco Smart Handiness SPF50+PA+++
Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40+PA+++
Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF50+PA+++
Natural Sun Eco Baby mild Sun Lotion SPF30+PA+++
Natural Sun Eco Body and Family Mild SPF40+PA+++

The Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion has gotta be my favourite. 
The much raved product has 3 in 1 function that offers: 
1)UV protection 
2)cooling effect 
3)make up effect
This is perfect for me because I'm  never really a fan of foundations (unless for shoots or important events) which I find mostly pore-clogging.
Instead, something light with some coverage would be great to last me throughout the day without having to worrying about cakey face. The convenient packaging also makes it handy for touch ups.
I'm very particular about sun protection because the secret to looking youthful is having bright and glowy complexion. I never leave the house without sunscreen!
I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY on this product.
Follow my instagram @sheenaphua to find out more!

Before I end this post, here's a lil something for you ladies!
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Till next time!