Sheena's 14 Day Beauty Diary with TheFaceShop SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series: Day 8

While you’re working hard to have healthy skin by applying top-notch products, you might be neglecting a few vital habits, and that could be the reason why you’re still not achieving the perfect desired skin.

I’m here to share with you 4 healthy habits that you might be overlooking and how they can help your skin!

1. Clean your beauty brushes- as they are actually the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dirt – something you definitely want far from your face!
2. Watch out for expired products as it can cause everything from eye infections to irritated skin to allergic reactions.
3. Practice the 3-minute rule. Be sure to moisturize within three minutes of washing, showering or bathing – when skin is damp – because this helps to lock in moisture
4. Wear sunscreen. It shields your skin from premature aging such as wrinkles, rough skin, discoloration and dryness.

Besides following these habits, don’t forget that using the right and effective product is equally vital! I met some friends today and they’ve been raving about my skin! My friends told me my skin looks brighter and fairer than before and I told them my secret was none other than the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series!

What I like about the entire range is because they are non-sticky/greasy after application and it moisturizes my skin well. Furthermore, it is also suitable for all skin types. My skin is definitely intensely moisturized after using the entire range for just 8 days!

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