Sheena's 14 Day Beauty Diary with TheFaceShop SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series: Day 3

It’s my third day of using the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series and I’m so amazed that the results are already showing on my skin! The products absorb into my skin really quickly and my skin looks much brighter now! Texture of this range is lightweight yet moisturizing – absolutely perfect for the humid weather in Singapore! What I also love about the products is the light citrus scent which smells refreshing!

One of the main ingredients of the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate series is fermented yeast extracts and do you know that it has superb skincare benefits? Fermented yeast extract has high nutritional value and it contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Providing excellent and quick regeneration and brightening of skin, the process of yeast fermentation is also similar to the rhythm of metabolic activities of skin cells that help minimize skin problems.

The star product of the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate range is the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment! When I was introduced to the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment, I was excited to know that this boosting treatment helps in better absorption for other skincare products!

After cleansing your face, during the first stage of skincare, fully moisten a cotton pad with the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment and apply it to the entire face. Tap in the excess lightly on your face for full absorption.

Besides boosting the absorption of your other skincare products, the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment also promises brightening, cell regenerating and wrinkle reducing effects.

It is no doubt one of THEFACESHOP’s star product!

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