Dating with the furkids!

Wawa: yummy what's for lunch!

so hard to get them to look at the camera AT THE SAME TIME..

Wawa and Butter distracted by handsome dogs hahaha.

Finally got all their attention
Guess how we did it????
Luring them with tasty treats! *sneaky sneaky*

Benji is always camera ready!!! Love him so much <3

Butter and Wawa waiting for the green light to eat their treats!
They did pretty well! hehe proud of my babygirl

After the rain stopped, Charlotte, Nikki and I brought our babies out to play!
We had lunch at T.A.Z cafe
Unlike most dog cafes, this place has pretty decent human food!
We had V.V.V.I.P treatment cos we were the only customers there that day muahahaha.
After filling our tummies Charlotte drove us to Sun Petgamart for shopping!!!
It's like Giant supermart but for dogs. 
And they have these double decked trolley baskets, one for your furkid and one for you to put your shopping goods!
Every dog owner shouldn't miss this place. 
They have everything you need for your pet from A-Z at the best available prices.
I'm so glad I found this place, thank you NIkki for the recommendation!!

Can't wait for our next swimming outing at sentosa with the precious lil ones ^^

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