NoTS- How to have egg-like skin

Why we are getting dark and rough skin?

There are 3 MOST IMPORTANT reasons why

1. You are not exfoliating your dead skin cells
2. Skin lacks hydration 
3. Using unsuitable skincare products

Why NoTS?

NoTS is known as one of the top Natural Functional Cosmetics Brand in Korea. Here are several reasons why you should try NoTS.

1. All the products are made from high quality natural ingredients
2. You could feel the difference within a short period of time
3. It is one of the leading natural cosmetics brands in Korea

Here are the steps to perfect egg-like skin

Step 1: 28 Remedy Brightening Peeling Gel

Use this once a week. It is a safe gel-typed exfoliator that gently removes your dead skin cells. The milk extract provides hydration after wash so you won't fee ltightness in your skin. I wouldn't recommend you to use it more than once a week. Often exfoliation could make your skin extra sensitive.

Step 2: White Luminaire Revital Fluid

This is the second step to soothe your delicate skin right after the exfoliation. Soak abundant amount of Fluid on cotton pads and put them on your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Leave it on for 5 minutes. This is also a quick skincare prep tip for your hydrating and brightening makeup look.

Step 3: White Luminaire Revital Essence

An intense brightening care to even out your uneven skin tone. It is lightly and quickly absorbed into your skin to provide enriched brightening, natural nutrition and hydration

Step 4: White Luminaire Spot Correcting Cream
End off with applying the creamy texture Spot Correcting Cream to prevent moisture evaporation from your skin. It forms a protective layer over your skin from environmental stimulus during the day and provides deep hydration during the night.

Now are good to go after applying your make-up! 
NoTS can be found at all SASA Singapore stores :)

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