Armino Caretrico Privy treatment by Salon Vim

The Lion hair look from the show I did in my previous post didn't come easy at all. It took ALMOST AN HOUR to achieve the results and it was painful to watch how the stylist "burn & fry" my hair *CRIES*. 
You won't believe how much damage crimping my hair 2 days in a row did to my poor tresses. It's not cool at all! 
Thank god I had Salon Vim to the rescue once again. 
It's so amazing how they always manage to make me fall in love with my hair over and over again each time I visit.

Today, I'm gona share with you this Japanese hair treatment called Armino Caretrico Privy!
Before that, let's take a look at my crimped frizzy hair I had before the treatment. As you can tell the right-hand portion (my right your left) is in a terrible crimped state.

In just 3 simple steps, let's look at how my hair transform! 
 Step 1: Gentle wash
Step 2: Enriched serum 
Step 3: Hold cream airy type 
Hold cream moist type
(Step 3 is depending on your hair condition)

In my case, I opted for the latter as my hair needs some serious deep-moisturing for obvious reasons

After the wash, my hair is sectioned into parts so that they can begin lathering it with the enriched serum to seal my hair follicles back and lock the moisture.. I'm a firm believer of hair treatments as it plays a part in maintaining the shine and glow of my hair especially when I dye it regularly. 

(me looking excited!!)

2 words.
This treatment is indeed my life-saver, I'm impressed!
^ ^

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Oh ya I'm trying out straight hair for a change 
How do I look?

Thank you Salon Vim!