Rejuvenation @ EPW Laser (Rexults Clinic)

 EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic was founded by Medical Director, Dr EP Wong who has over 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics. I was really excited about getting invited to get try out their services.

As I stepped in, I was welcomed with a very clean and fresh atmosphere that instantly puts me at comfort.
This is their specially brewed Hawthorn tea served to guests as a welcome drink. It tastes so refreshing I finished 2 glasses of it! :)
Then I was warmly attended by their friendly counsellors. 

When new patients step into EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic, they will undergo a thorough consultation and assessment by the doctor before any procedure is recommended and performed. The doctors will take the time to listen to what each patient requires, and learn more about their lifestyle in order to recommend an appropriate procedure, series of procedures, or program. The procedures are performed only by qualified doctors in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable operating theatre. The clinic counsellors follow up with patients on a regular basis to ensure full guidance is given for optimal results. 

Dr Melvin Tan’s consultation is SGD $50.

 Doctor Tan addressed my concerns and expectations conscientiously before recommending a suitable program for my condition. As a customer, I'm sure having a deeper understanding of your skin helps you make better decisions on the procedures you want to undergo.
Due to unwanted stress from exams, I had one of my worst nightmares- Breakouts *cries*
So Dr Tan assured me that it was nothing to worry about and this could easily be treated in no time.
Dr Tan prescribed some Epiderma homecare products for more effective results.
(Dermawash II, Acne Toner, Intensité​ Hydrating Complex, Dermafol, Derma A Forte Serum, Sunscreen Almond)

Dr Tan prescribed the Clarity Control Program for me and here are the treatments that was recommended. I'm so glad it has no downtime and would give me the results I wanted to achieve! On my first treatment visit, Dr Tan extracted my whiteheads to clear out the skin before proceeding on with the Timeless Peel and LED Red Light Therapy. 

Here is what it does:

Timeless Peel
Timeless peel provides a perfect non-invasive procedure to brighten one’s complexion instantly. The Timeless Peel at EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic has virtually no down time. It uses Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane.
• This is a treatment with virtually no down time.
• Loosens and exfoliates dead skin layer.
• Smoothens skin texture.
• Brightens skin for a healthy glow.
• Improves delivery of skincare ingredients into the skin.
• No downtime.
• Quick procedure, suitable even during lunchtime.

LED Red Light Therapy
Dr Melvin Tan recommended a series of LED light therapies. I started on the LED Red Light Therapy. LED Red Light Therapy combines red and infrared light diodes to rejuvenate dull complexion for a radiant glow! It penetrates deep into the skin and energizes cells to stimulate collagen and elastin. This treatment is an excellent way to brighten the skin in a fast and effective way that is completely painless and non-invasive. What is known is that NASA and the US Army have also been using LED Red Light Therapy for decades in the healing of injuries. LED Red Light Therapy is known to instigate the release of chemical messengers called cytokines. When more cytokines are released, collagen-producing cells actually get activated.
• Refreshes tired-looking skin
• Radiant complexion
• Smoother skin texture
• Reduces skin inflammation
• Increases circulation
• Improves collagen production
• Pores appear smaller

On my second treatment visit, Dr Melvin Tan recommended 2 different light therapies alternating between LED Yellow Light Therapy and LED Blue Light Therapy.

Here is what it does:

LED Yellow Light Therapy
The LED Yellow Light Therapy to aid in healing and skin. LED Yellow Light Therapy combines yellow and infrared light diodes to vastly improve healing and rejuvenate dull complexion for a luminous skin. It penetrates deep into the skin and energizes cells to stimulate collagen and elastin. This procedure is perfect to promote healing and rejuvenate the skin in a quick and effective way that is painless and non-invasive. LED Yellow Light Therapy can help to reduce the appearance of redness, inflammation and swelling and may help the lymphatic system of the face, thereby promoting healthier skin. 

LED Blue Light Therapy
The LED Blue Light Therapy has the ability to penetrate into the skin fighting acne at the root of its problem. The LED Blue Light Therapy can help to kill the acne causing bacteria and it is a safe, non-invasive, and gentle option for treating and preventing breakouts. The procedure will also help to stabilize the oil glands and regulate oil production. LED Blue Light Therapy is excellent for patients who wish to experience good results without downtime. Wavelengths of blue light reduce acne causing bacteria. The light promotes the progression of oxygen radicals that kill the bacteria without damaging healthy skin. This may be a preferred option compared to the side effects of dryness or peeling that come with using benzoyl peroxide products. Since, there is an effective acne treatment without the downtime or being costly, you may discover the benefits of LED Blue Light Therapy:
  • Safe and painless
  • Non-invasive
  • No adverse side effects (short or long term)
  • No downtime

On subsequent visits, I focused on doing the Yellow + Blue Light Therapies for more effective progress.

Here are the results without any makeup applied:

                   Before (oily and bumpy skin)                                 After (skin is clear and glowing)

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