THEFACESHOP commercial shoot with Kim Hyun Joong (THEFACESHOP T.O.P Girl Korea Part 4)

(Over-due post)
The night before, Kim Hyun Joong jokingly teased: 
"Sleep early and don't eat too much or you won't look good for the shoot tmr".
 Haha here comes the biggest challenge.
Seoul has the yummiest delicacies! HOW TO RESIST? ><
Despite all, I tried my very best to be a good girl. Had something light for dinner, drank lesser fluids after 8pm (to prevent water retention) and masked intensively. 

Call time was 5am the next morning.
Had some breakfast at the Hotel before proceeding for hair & makeup.

Showing some love from Korea! 

I met some fun loving girls on this trip!

The korean stylist and makeup artist assigned to us did such a good job. I was so amazed!
If only they were around for all my shoots haha.

Our interview with Mnet TV.
It was a really fun and casual session, everyone enjoyed this part. 
It felt like we were a kpop band doing what we do best in front of the camera! hahaha ^ ^  

Next up. 
Some directions on the feel of the shoot...
(director showed us some snsd photoshoots)

Reviewing our performance. Everyone was pleased with the results.

Here are the final pictures! I'm so thankful and really happy for this opportunity. 
The Korea team was very professional and everything was so well done.
It is a totally different experience from shooting in Singapore.

Thoughts on working with Kim Hyun Joong:

 <3 <3 <3

Here are some video footage from Korea.
It covers all the wonderful memories I had there. 

If given a choice, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for this priceless experience :)
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