SHOPATSOS- Dancing with my date

ShopatSOS is a Singapore based, Global online retail store. A team of dedicated people offering a selection of well-fitted, good quality & comfortable women's apparels and accessories. Fabrics are carefully chosen to emphasize on quality. ShopatSOS is committed to bring out a dynamic selection of products, all specially hand picked, to bring out the style in you.


Raw footage of some BTS...

As you can tell, this crazy dog lover here is enjoying every minute of it! This has gotta be one of the most exciting shoots I've ever done because I had the honor of dancing with the hottest guy on earth, Bob. I seriously hope my Wawa doesn't see this or she'll throw a jealous fit! :p

Anw here's featuring my favourite piece from their latest collection!

"SHEENAxSOS10" for 10% off total bill for 1 item
"SHEENAxSOS20" for 20% off total bill for 2 items
"SHEENAxSOS30" for 30% off total bill for 3 items

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