Kpop dance @ Recognize Studios

Hellos! Another week has flew past again! It's already the 2nd weekend of the new year! Say whatttttt?
So anyway I made a pact to myself that I'll try to experience as many new things as I can this 2013! First and foremost (sounding all formal haha), I'm quite happy about creating this blog and so far there's only so much to love and so little to hate! I am really really reallyyyyyy excited about this entry because I can finally share my virgin experience with kpop dancing! *SHY* Hehe it was so much fun spending a whole afternoon with a great bunch of people doing something new.  

Me & William looking all excited but nervous at the same time :D

This is the studio... where we danced. I kept blushing cos the glass doors made it possible for everyone to see us from outside. Teehee! 

For starters we did some warm up exercises so that we will be more flexible later on. I didn't manage to capture more pictures than I would love to cos I was busy dancing! :p

Then we got a chance to watch each other perform a short part of the song! 

With William and Hong Peng

That cuttie in the middle is Jolene, our dance instructor! She's so sexy when she dance! The guys were crazy over her. 

I'll definitely come back for more. Thanks for this opportunity Recognize Studios!!! ^  ^

Also, Gatsby's 5th Dance Comp is here! Finalists will get to compete in Tokyo for the regional battle. Drop by Recognize Studios on 19 January 2013 to show some love and support your favourite dance team! :)

Recognize Studios
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central,
Level 5 Unit 31, Singapore 238896

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