Sunday brunch

How do you spend your Sunday afternoons? I like mine to simply be in the comfort of good food & awesome company. So last Sunday, I went to town with some friends after church. I realised how much I LOVE taking foodie pics but only to torture myself with terrible cravings at this ungodly hour! *FAINTS* People always assume that models don't eat or we try to go on insane diets! Truth is, many of us cannot resist temptations! The only best way to stay slim is through exercise and this is the one golden rule we swear by. Drinking tea helps to detox as well! 

So anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking...


I love baking for people I love :D

My loyal foodie fans! Why are they so cute!?? Can someone please tell me!!!

Say hi to smooth & silky hands! Spa massage to end off my day..

Did I mention how excited I am for this coming weekend's sponsored kpop dance class!? *WHOOOOO CAN'T WAIT TO GET SEXY* Hahahaha! I'll blog about it soon so hang around ok? 

Tata! ^ w  ^