Sephora fashion show

I love fashion shows!
It's a test of how fast I can change into different outfits and hairstyles at lighting speed.
This time there were only 2 models including myself so I have to be ready before the other model is done. 
You can only do this when you are young! 
Well the pictures turned out kinda odd, as in I looked odd. Maybe that's why I contemplated for close to half a year before deciding to post these up.
You'll find out why in awhile! *grins*
Please don't judge ah.

My first look
School girl? LOL
I think I look super kiddy especially with the 2 ponytails 

The other cute model Chloe! Working with her is always filled with laughter and fun

 My second look
Still abit weird and my bun looks way too small, like a char shao bao!

Did I mention we have cute emcee too? I LOVE her hair. Not everyone pulls off blonde well.
I'll look like a bimbo if I ever had blonde. But Jaime rocked it!! :)

 Third look
This time I look like a peacock, check out my dress! ><

My epic face. Opps HAHA*shy*

 Fourth look
Though I look like I'm about to milk the cows, this is like the most decent outfit of the lot already.


Overall it was a very enjoyable time working with these babes! *MUAH*