THEFACESHOP 10th Anniversary (THEFACESHOP T.O.P Girl Korea Part 3)

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of THEFACESHOP.
It is truly an honor to grace this event together with TFS!

Upon arrival, we were very warmly welcomed with claps and cheers from THEFACESHOP Korea.
It was another one of those "celebrity red carpet moments", one that I'll never forget :)

The timeline of its remarkable history of the past 10 years was all exhibited beautifully.
Even photos of all the T.O.P Girls were found here.
Such lovely setting!

messing around with this gigantic BB cream.
hahaha cute stuff yes?

Signing off at THEFACESHOP exhibition~

My manager, Carol! Thanks for taking good care of me all the time. 
Without you, all these won't be possible :)

Lovely ladies all glamed up! 
(this shot was taken at the hotel lobby before setting off)

With the CEO of TFS Singapore and the ladies who are part of this team 

Best looking couple award goes to them! :)

Event venue before the ceremony begins

Dance performance lined up for us.. 

Can u spot Singapore's flag?

The anticipation has finally arrived.

Met Suzy from Miss A too. She has this adorable confidence about her I really like!
Her energy and laughter on stage is contagious.
I think TFS made a good choice appointing her as the new ambassador.

Photo credits to the indonesian T.O.P Girl- Chrisya

 Crowning moment by Kim Hyun Joon

Meeting Kim Hyun Joong for the first time was like a dream come true. 
He was just like how I imagined him to be- tall, gentlemanly, charismatic and a natural charmer.
I cant believe I finally got to meet him after all these while!
Have always admired him in every way possible. 
Words can't describe how amazing it felt to be able to work together with him today. 
It was definitely a night to remember.
Thank you THEFACESHOP for the invitation and making this such a memorable event.

Alright I shall contain the rest of my excitement for the photoshoot with him in my next post.
Oppa~! <3



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Ending this post with a picture i really like.
The lovely media people from sg!

P.S. I have a special video to share with you guys in my upcoming Korea post. 
Stay tuned!