Sheena's 14 Day Beauty Diary with TheFaceShop SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series: Day 11

Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin as you grow older? Well, let me share with you!

• Teens - skin battles against acne and pimples
• 20s - expression lines will begin to surface
• 30s – collagen begins to break down and expression lines will start to obvious
• 40s - skin becomes dry as it loses its ability to retain moisture.
• 50s – pigmentation due to sun damage appears and wrinkles and expression lines become more pronounced
• 60s - age spots, spider veins and wrinkles becomes apparent and fat cells gradually disappear, leading to skin sagging.

Being in my 20s, my expression lines are starting to surface and fine lines are also appearing.

I’m so proud to have diligently used the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series and I am looking forward to bid goodbye to those fine lines on my face!

I’m at the 11th day of using the day of using the SMIM Fermentation Concentrate series and my skin feels smoother now and my make-up glides on to my skin more easily. I am very sure that continuous usage of the entire anti-aging range will result in providing very radiant and perfect skin from outside to within.

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