BK King Dog TV Commercial- Behind the scenes

Shampoo ad? 
...NOT! haha
Who would've guessed this commercial was for Burger King.
When I was first presented with the storyboard I was like, "AM I REALLY DOING A FAST FOOD TVC?"
Such a silly but damn cute way to advertise for the new Bk King Dog!
It was so fun shooting for thisssss.
hehe so glad to be a part of it.
And I get to eat tons of yummy hot dogs ^^
Am I making you hungry???

This was what went on behind the scenes of my 10 hour shoot (Yes 10 hours for a 15 sec commercial haha)
So I woke up at 5ish am in the morning for this with my eyes half open. 
Thankfully I didn't have to spend much time preparing because I'm supposed to be on set bare faced.
I owe my perfect glowing skin to my sponsors :)

My bathing scene. in. the. canteen. *SHY*

Guess how many times I shampooed my head for this take? hehe

My mua and I hard at work. 
This is how we SAVE time, eating and setting my hair at the same time (oh it rhymes, ok lame haha)
We are so professional right!

 Thanks for making me beautiful for the entire shoot! 

The final product YAY!

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