ITOH 100% Pure Collagen Beauty Supplement

ITOH 100% Pure Collage Powder is a low molecular powder that speeds up absorption. You should see results in 1-2 weeks.

Based on the 12-week clinical studies conducted in Japan and France, ITOH 100% Pure Collagen has shown to:
-Increase skin moisture level
-Reduce lines and wrinkles
-Improve skin suppleness, smoothness and radiance
-Strengthen joints
-Promote muscle flexibility
-Healthier hair and nails

Why do you need to take collagen supplement?
Collagen is a protein naturally produced by the body to support various body tissues such as bones, muscles and ligaments. Collagen works with another protein compound, elastin, to give firmness, tightness, and strength to the skin tissues. Young people naturally produce more collagen than older people. With age, the collagen in the body degrades, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

The sachet packs come in cute pinky strips, easy to bring it around with me whenever I head out. I like mixing my Itoh 100% Pure Collagen with tea, fruit juice, yoghurt and soups. It goes well with ANYTHING really. Here's my tasty brunch with special added ingredient. Yummylicious!! ;)

Thanks cozy cot for sending my skin some love!
I'm glowing from within ^^

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  1. The collagen is hydrolyzed and broken up into fragments of peptides and amino acids..

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