CNY 2015 with Clarke Quay Central Mall

Agri and I were Clark Quay last weekend to check out what they have in stored for us! 
Top Dear Laura // Jeans Topshop // Jacket Rosebullet // Bag Korea // Headband Ferragamo // Sandals Chanel

Clarke Quay Central Tenant Fukubukuro Bag
Clarke Quay Central will also be featuring their first ever Tenant Fukubukuro Bag. Each tenant’s Fukubukuro Bag is also guaranteed 3x the bag’s value and contents inside will also differ. Here are some of the participating tenants: 
1) L’zzie
Every purchase of a Tenant Fukubukuro bag will also entitle the shopper to a Golden Fukubukuro Bag Scratchcard Ticket of their choice. Each ticket has a unique serial number of its own (which determines if you are a winner or not) and there are only 12 lucky Golden Fukubukuro Bag Winning Ticket. 

2) Shinnpark

Spotted cute TuTu kueh merchandise too! Am i making you hungry?

3) 1st Eye Care

Spotted some really cool eyewear from Korea

Clarke Quay Central Mall Fukubukuro Bag
Clarke Quay Central Fukubukuro Bag (Lucky Bag) event starts from 30th January to 8th March. Each bag is $21.40 with a minimum spending of $58. Contents in the Fukubukuro Bag will be randomized and is guaranteed 3x the bag’s value. 
It feels like xmas gift exchange, I love the suspense! 

Chinese New Year Goodies
Besides that, Chinese New Year Goodies will also be sold. Shoppers can also get to pick their own sweets from the specially curated Chinese New Year Candy booth.

Sweet tooth me and my 'tam jiak' face ><

Facebook Fukubukuro Game
To reward shoppers even more ($28,000 worth of cash vouchers), there will also be a Fukubukuro Game on Facebook. The user will be given 1 chance per day to open a bag. They will be entitled to 2 more additional chances for every invitation to a Facebook friend. Prizes include cash vouchers from Miss Empire, Bioskin, Blisshouse Theme Restaurant & More. Facebook game will end on 8th March as well. 

Join in the fun this CNY at Clarke Quay Central Mall! :)

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