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Ever wondered how Thai celebrities keep their skin fair and baby smooth?
I recently tried PASJEL from the land of smiles!
PasJel was first launched in February 2013 by "JaJaa" Panitwarocha, a music artiste from Sony Music Thailand and subsequently expanded into the region during August the same year due to huge popularity. Pasjel currently has 13 different product variants in its product range, catering to different needs such as whitening, anti-acne, anti-ageing, blemish removal etc.
PasJel has finally reached our shores and can be purchased locally through PasJel Singapore’s website at, Singapore’s Exclusive Authorized Distributor. 

Picked out the PasJel Baby Fair Skin Bundle B combi which consists of:

1) PasJel Everbright Blue Body Cream
Contains skin brightening ingredients such as Peppermint Extract, Multi-Fruit Extract and Curcuma Longa Extract to whiten, freshen, and protect your skin from UVB, making your skin bright and fresh
2) PasJel Everbright Blue Body Lotion
Has skin brightening ingredients such as Peppermint Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Collagen to whiten, freshen, and protect your skin from UVB.
3) PasJel Sun Fighting Gel SPF 50 PA+++
The smooth feeling gel protects your face from UVA and UVB rays. No sticky feeling or stains on your face. Enhanced with Vitamin E leaving face smooth and bright with effective protection.

I was thrilled to try out their products because I would do anything for fair skin!
Taking care of the skin is so important and you really have to start young..
Every morning I'll apply PasJel Sun Fighting Gel before putting on my makeup because it contains SPF PA 50+++ that shields my skin from any baddies from the sun.
I usually use PasJel Everbright Blue Body Lotion in the day because of its lightweight texture that keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated. Only at night will I then use the cream version for more intensive moisture on my skin.
I'm surprised how FAST their products get absorbed onto my skin leaving it smooth and NON greasy :D

Floral rose romper: OSMOSE

PasJel Singapore ( is offering a limited time offer as part of the product launch in Singapore. Offers last up to 31st August 2015 23:59hrs.

Quote "SHEENA5" for a 5% off minimum purchase of $30
 or “SHEENA10” for a 10% off minimum purchase of $50!

 All products by PasJel Singapore at are 100% safe, free from harmful ingredients and steroid free. PasJel is also FDA approved, GMP certified and HSA Singapore compliant.
Please be aware of other unauthorized sellers of PasJel products in Singapore as there have been reports of imitation PasJel products in the market! Buy only from the PasJel Singapore website or their authorized agents.
Bring Back Your Baby Skin Today! Your skin deserves pampering love!
Instagram: @pasjelbabyskinsg

Your skin deserves pampering love!

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