TK TrichoKare Award Winning Scalp Treatment

Thick luscious locks, oh please be mine!

Travelling so frequently is taking a toll on my hair & scalp health. The jet lag from long sector flights causes psychological stress on my body leading to excessive hair loss. Female flight attendants are at particular risk of developing 'traction alopecia' a term used to describe hair loss due to hair that is often being pulled back tightly and held under tension for extended periods of time. 

Thankfully, I was introduced to TrichoKare, the leading Trichological Centre that provide expert solutions on hair and scalp problems using premium European herbs which are free from harsh chemicals. All treatments are based on your hair and scalp conditions validated by certified Trichologists.

TrichoKare is an award winning hair and scalp care centre, clinching many outstanding awards such as Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment! That clearly proves how effective TrichoKare can be when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss.

Before beginning any treatment, I did a scan to find out what my hair age is. I was sooo anxious to know the answer!

To my astonishment, my hair age is 7 years older than what I am! Can someone please tell me this ain't true? *hides in a hole and cries*

The Trichologist diagnosis that I have a greasy scalp, so oil was clogging up some hair follicles which impedes hair growth. This results in an excessive hair loss, hair thinning and brittle hair strands, which is the reason why my hair has aged faster than it should.

Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment was recommended to fight signs of ageing hair.
The new anti-ageing hair treatment by TrichoKare targets:
1. Thinning Hair
2. Grey Hair
3. Dryness
4. Brittleness
5. Lacklustre

The customised treatment consists of the following steps:

1.  Scalp purification mask – The customised mask is based on your hair and scalp condition, it can also be known as detoxifying mask. It helps to deeply cleanse the hair by removing impurities and excess sebum while regulating the scalp. Soothing the scalp to reduce the redness. The application takes up to 20 minutes to detox my scalp and absorb the nutrients.

2.  Deep cleansing wash – The wash was professionally done by one of the hair experts. They make sure to massage each and every single pressure point and use a soothing botanical hair wash which will deeply cleanse and regulate the pH balance of your scalp, while removing the dead skin and grime.

3.    The Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment uses Oxyjet Technology, an advanced innovation using pulsed oxygen pressure, an infusion of 98% pure oxygen and nutrients are "shot" into the deep layers of the scalp. It was paired with an ampoule that was selected specially for my greasy problem.

The active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply into the scalp without needles, which means it is all gentle, effective and safe! The stimulating sensation is said to improve blood circulation and encourage the production of collagen, which in turn improves hair growth, control hair fall and prevent hair loss.

 4.   Head massage A scalp massage was given to ensure that the nutrients and proteins were fully absorbed into my scalp. This helps to strengthen the cohesion of keratin fibres to improve the hair density. SO comfy I could fall asleep~

5.    Infrared therapy This intensive regeneration encourage cell renewal to promote hair growth and restore your hair to its former glory while soothing your scalp.

The entire treatment was soooo relaxing I almost fell asleep. Wish it didn't have to end so soon!

Here's a snapshot of how the before (top) and after (bottom) of how my scalp looks like on the scan. 

After the 2hr customised hair treatment, I felt like my hair and scalp was significantly cleaner than I have ever felt it before, and the scans of my scalp taken after the process certainly showed it!

Just look at how clean my scalp is now, my hair follicles look soo much healthier and clog-free. In the Before scan, you can see the oil and sebum build-up clogging up some hair follicles. This was completely removed and the follicles are visibly clean and clear in the After scans! AMAZINGGGGG!!! This will helps to encourage new hair growth.

It feels good seeing noticeable results in just one session. However, these problems doesn't miraculously disappear overnight. It takes discipline and commitment to be consistent with the treatments if you are determined to see results. I can imagine how much improvement I'll find after going for more sessions in the future!

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If you are curious about the age of your hair and have the interest to find out more, here's the link!

Cheers to having beautiful hair! We all deserve it :)

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