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Festive seasons are great because you have the excuse to eat all you want and not be called a glutton! *ahhhhhhhh* *hehe*
This is "lo hei" a chinese tradition that symbolizes abundance, prosperity and vigor. We toss the ingredients as high as we can to usher in good luck for the new year. HUAT AH!
Not forgetting playing "ban luck" (chinese blackjack)
To Dennis:
Thanks for being an awesome host this cny! I swear I am so addicted to your grilled chicken wings and your mom's a really great cook!!
Our random silly pictures

We don't even need booze to get high! *zi high* *HAHAHAHHAHAHA*
Loving shar's smile here. So infectious!
Dennis's dog Blessings
 Bestie Reiee and her lil brother. Do they look alike?
We just can't get enough of this!
Btw if you realise the clock in the background reads 1.30 and yes it's A.M so pls pardon our shag faces! hahahahaha too much majong.
I am not some hardcore gambler btw. It's just a cny thing.
Normally I'm so guai! *SHY* *hehe*
Some insta pics during "bai nian"

lynette, me and reiee

This is one of the pretty dresses i wore for cny. Check Sovelle out here!
Another dress I wore which is also featured in this entry. Loving it? Visit kizzofgoddess !
If you dig their style, like their fb page!
 Wanna know which are my favourite pieces? Click here :D
Gangnam style this way is not bad at all..
G'night ;)

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