Lee Min Ho celebrates OSIM 35th Anniversary 李敏鎬代言 - 小天后幕後花絮大放送

Besides having the privilege of a dream come true experience to shoot in TheFaceShop commercial with my favourite kpop idol Kim Hyun Joong last year, I also finally got to meet Lee Min Ho, my other favourite character from Boys Over Flowers, in person. This is as good as my modelling and blogging journey gets! ^^

Before I proceed with the rest of this post, here are some snaps of how life as a superstar is for Lee Min Ho during his stay here!
Customized pillow case and teddy bear with his name on in..

OSIM udiva massage chair for his enjoyment pleasure..

Korean snacks to keep him company when he's hungry or misses Korea..
All these...
Only fitted for a prince! *Fan girl mode*

OSIM press conference at Westin hotel

Lee Min Ho mentioned that he moved on to Gangnam Blues after filming The Heirs, and thought he looked a little too well-maintained for the role hence he didn’t put on any lotion, for the next 6 months just to look a little more manly for his character. Can't wait to catch this movie already!!

Fans meet-and-greet session at Causeway point

Some lucky fans get to get up close and personal with him..
They get a special treat from Lee Min Ho if they guess the correct answer on his favourite OSIM udiva colour, favourite time to use his udiva and the person he would give the udiva to as a gift.

This lucky fan got to be fed chicken rice by Lee Min Ho. haha!

Another lucky fan get to enjoying Lee Min Ho applying lipgloss for her..

 Photo credits: OSIM Singapore

Bunny: "Hello! *Waves* Do you find me familiar?"

 Bunny: "Catch me on tv with Lee Min Ho! I'm his bff!" ^^

Here's your chance to win one of these celebrity bunnies!

Thank you OSIM Singapore for inviting me to join you in your 35th anniversary celebrations!

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