DRx Premier Acne Treatment

My first visit with Dr David
Ever since Dr May left DRx, I will be entrusting my skin to Dr David from now on. Although I still miss Dr May very much, all the doctors here are equally qualified so I felt very safe switching doctors.

Dr David is friendly and approachable, it's easy to open up to him and tell him the issues I'm facing with my skin. I would advice you to visit the clinic without any makeup like me so that the doctor can judge your skin condition more accurately.

Dr David prescribed me with a few new additions to my usual skincare routine after checking my skin condition and having a better understanding of my lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping patterns.
 BLEMISH FORMULA control and reduces blemishes without any side-effects of strong chemical agents. 
HYALURONIC MOISTURIZER has superior moisturizing properties that increases smoothness, softening and has anti aging effects on the skin. Dr David knows I'm travelling to a winter country next month so he gave me this to prep my skin for the change in climate. So thoughtful right?
ANTI-BLEMISH MASK removes excessive sebum, exfoliates skin, cleanses pores and controls further breakouts. Whenever I have pimples during the time of the month, I leave this overnight on the affected spot and the pimples are less visible and almost gone the next day. This is my second tub! 
ACNE SPOT LOTION heals and calms a fresh pimple when you leave it overnight. I tried applying it on my huge ass zit and it became significantly smaller overnight

Remember to quote my name 'SHEENA' to waive off  your consultation fees! ^^

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Premier Acne Treatment
My skin is going through a nasty 'breakout season' for god knows what reason but I'm glad DRx is here to my rescue! Besides prescribing me with acne creams, Dr David highly recommended me this treatment.

Fur coat: H&M
Skirt: ShopatSOS
Shoes: Taipei

Premier Acne Treatment is an effective treatment for acne, it kills bacteria and dries up pimples. The whole procedure was to zap away all the bacteria left in your skin, it will suck your skin up and let the light from the machine to get deep into your skin, kills all the bacteria and also prevent for more acne in the future. It is safe to be done on a long-term basis without any side effects like thinning of skin or make skin more sensitive.

The whole procedure summary:
Sonic Cleansing > Extraction > ZAP ZAP ZAP > Peel Off Soothing Mask (catered to my sensitive skin)

The treatment lasted for 30 mins! My face feels damn clean after all the zapping, like really! I especially love the soothing mask at the end because it works well for me. Look, all the redness caused by the extraction is gone. Happy me! ^^

You can enjoy the Premier Acne Treatment at a special promotional price.
Just quote ‘Blogger Sheena 40% off Premier Acne Treatment’ for 40% off the retail price of $220.00! Valid for 1st trial only.
And for students below 21 years old, the Premier Acne Treatment is offered to you at only $120 if you purchase a package of 5 sessions at S$600.

The DRx Medispa
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Tel : (65) - 6733 1555

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  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    How much is the consultation fee and estimate how much does it cost for the treatment and the products?

  2. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I have never been to DRX, how should I start? As in to the DRX clinic or to the medispa first?

  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Hi, for the spot treatment, in which circumstances do you use acne spot lotion vs the anti blemish mask?? (: