Editorial coverage: Derma-Rx Intensive Lightener and Illuminator

Derma-Rx Illuminator
Presenting the newest addition to the Derma-Rx family of skincare treatment line, the BRAND NEW anti-oxidant brightening crème, Illuminator is here to brighten your skin like never before.

Scientifically formulated for a radiant even skin tone, the Illuminator helps eliminate dull and pigmented skin and restore skin balance for better absorption of active ingredients.

Derma-Rx BRAND NEW Illuminator works hard to reduce sallowness of skin, restoring radiance and balance. Packed with active Resveratrol (3%), a potent antioxidant from grapes and berries, for illuminating and brightening benefits.

The ILLUMINATOR pairs best with another Derma-Rx product specially reformulated to better attain the full effects of whitening and luminosity.

Light Up Your Journey to Better Skin.

Derma-Rx Intensive Lightener

LATEST Derma-Rx newly improved and reformulated INTENSIVE LIGHTENER is now back better than ever.

The new formulation is packed with even higher active stronger ingredients to battle those dreaded dark spots. The INTENSIVE LIGHTENER in the form of a gel is best for brightening and fighting against skin pigmentation at both genetic and cellular levels. 

Dark Spots No More.

Derma-Rx newly enhanced INTENSIVE LIGHTENER contains a highly active de-pigmenting ingredient, 4-N-Butylresorcinol, helps to lighten skin and improve skin tone without the use of hydroquinone.

Working together with ILLUMINATOR, it lightens various types of pigmentation (freckles, melasma, sun spots, etc) safely and effectively.

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Btw, here's a shoutout for the Grand Opening of DRx's new clinic and medispa at Mid Valley, KL in November! (FB link:

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