Best full body hair removal salon in SIngapore: Datsumo Labo

My first visit to Datsumo Labo!

I was very excited for my first visit here because I've always admired the fair, hairless, baby soft skin of Japanese celebrities and models. However IPL packages can be a bit pricy! At Datsumo labo,  what shocked me was their package price! Monthly full body hair removal plan at $0 for first month and S$149 subsequently!? And if you don't see results, GET A FULL REFUND! It's too good to be true right? So yeah I had to try it.

Before the treatment, I changed into a soft pink dress and kawaii heart-shaped slippers. Was quite nervous at first because I was afraid if it was gona hurt. They kept reassuring me that it is painless so I felt abit more at ease. So first step was shaving followed by applying cold gel on all the hair removal areas. My therapist explained to me that this gel helps to prep the skin and it also has whitening effects. I was so happy after hearing that! Click here to view the 5 steps.

Thanks Datsumo Labo for pampering me with a smoother, fairer, hairless skin. 
I can't wait for my second appointment already!

Datsumo Labo is not only for ladies but for men too!
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