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Hello guys! Today I'm gona share my shopping spree experience with Kohepets!

Like humans, our furkids are recommended to take vitamins and supplements for healthy digestive system and shiny coat. Here are the items I got Wawa!

Supplements for dogs are really expensive though! I have to spend twice the amount on a bottle as compared to the one meant for myself. Thanklfully Kohepets are having a 1-for-1 promo! I'm so thrilled I got 2 probiotic & prebiotic supplements for the price of 1. It comes in a form of a sachet so it's really easy to just add it to her usual food as extra flavouring. Wawa loves it! She finishes her food faster than usual. It helps to prevent skin allergies, diarrhoea and constipation. AEE k9+ can also improve bad breath and odour, enhance the nutrient absorption and GI tract after antibiotic therapy. These are really good and they are recommended by the vet at Mount Pleasant. Yes, I actually did my research before making any consumable purchases for Wawa. 

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The next item I got is also a probiotics supplement. This one isn't on promotion and it's quite pricy. However I got it for Wawa because she has a really weak stomache. She visits the vet often because of this so I'm doing all I can to help her overcome her problem. Daily recommended dose will help support a healthy balance of micro flora in the intestines and help displace unfriendly micro organisms and improve assimilation of nutrients. Double the recommended dose in times of stress, sickness, coprophagia (stool eating), chronic, chronic yeast infections and after courses of antibiotics to re-seed friendly intestinal flora.

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I got 2 of the skin & coat supplement for Wawa beacause the nutritional value attacted me greatly.
These are its benefits:

Fresh oils from sustainably caught Norwegian salmon and Alaskan pollock provide natural antioxidants without the fishy smell. 

OMEGAS 6 & 3 
A balanced blend of omega fatty acids supports heart health, cognitive function, and healthy skin and coat. 

Life Skin & Coat works from the inside out, supporting heart health and cognitive function, while keeping your pet’s skin healthy and her coat soft and snuggle-ready. 

There's free shipping with orders above $60 and I got all my items delivered to me in just 2 days! Super efficient omg ^^ This isn't the best part yet! When you create an account with them, you can accumulate points that is redeemable for cash rebates!

Shop away at Kohepets now!

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