2013 F/W Face it Lesson 03 Artist Touch Launch (THEFACESHOP T.O.P Girl Korea Part 2)

Seoul is only an hour ahead of sg so it wasn't much of an issue adjusting to their time zone.
My day began really early in the morning for THEFACESHOP 2013 Fall/Winter Makeup Launch.
Prior to this event, I took extra good care of my skin- masked alot, drank plenty of water and got ample rest.
Because I had to make an appearance with my BARE SKIN to perform a makeup demo *OMG*
Thank god all the TLC on my skin paid off !
I owe it to my new skincare range from THEFACESHOP ^ ^

I totally adore the Fall/Winter Face it Lesson 03 Artist Touch makeup range.
As the tagline suggests, it's "Simply Classic".
The brown and gold shades for the eyes and plumped red lips creates a bold and alluring look. 
It consists of lipstick, lipgloss and eye shadow.
My personal favourite is the lipgloss! 
The first layer you apply on your lips acts as a "lip tint"
The second layer you apply on gets you a "lip gloss effect"
The third layer you apply on gives you a rich "lipstick effect"
How cool is that right???
You have to try it to love it.
When I was in Korea I told myself I MUST get it when it launches in sg.
I'll try to do an advert on it soon :)

The latest makeup laid nicely in front of my table for the makeup demo

 Mrs Lee Ji Yong started off by leading the demo on T.O.P Girl Myanmar and the rest of the other T.O.P girl had to follow step-by-step instructions to achieve the Fall/Winter look. 

Our turn to get started!

Credits to Her World for the pic

The finished look!
T.O.P Girls Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam (Left to right)

Then THEFACESHOP brand ambassador Han Bo Reum graced in with the ready look of the Fall/Winter range. 
She looks as gorgeous in person as on prints (as seen below)

I was invited to have a photo taken with Han Bo Reum. 
Really honored to share the same stage with her :)

A group shot! ^ ^

My latest addiction: 
Face It Color Control Aura CC cream 

 Look what THEFACESHOP Korea prepared as a gift!
A customised CC cream that has my name on it, specially for me! 
Thank you so much, it's too pretty.

Lunch was served after that and it was a good chance for the Korean media to get to know us better.

And also a good chance for us to camwhoreeeeee :D

Quickly went for a swim after this before preparing for THEFACESHOP 10th anniversary party at night.

Here's part 1 of my trip.

^ ^