Sheena's 14 Day Beauty Diary with TheFaceShop SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series: Day 13

My Journey of Youth with SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Series is finally coming to an end. This is the first time I’m using an anti-aging skincare range and to be honest, I had my fair share of doubts initially as I always think that my skin is still young and there is no need to introduce anti-aging products into my regime. However, prevention is better than cure so it’s always good to start from your mid 20s!

Having used the entire range for 2 weeks, I shall now share with you my raves of each individual product!

SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment- The function that it helps in better absorption for your other skincare products and it’s a boosting treatment! Definitely one of THEFACESHOP’s best sellers! SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Toner- Its unique gel formula that absorbs really quickly into my skin and the convenience of not having to use a cotton pad to apply it!

SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Emulsion- Moisturizes my skin without leaving any greasiness and its lightweight texture!

SMIMM Fermentation Concentrate Essence- My favourite product among all as it provides intense firming and lifting for my skin, definitely what I need!

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