Wawa's first puppy grooming experience at Pet's Lagoon

Brought my babygirl wawa for her first grooming session at Pets Lagoon!
She's such a playful little puppy so I was afraid she will be too naughty for the groomer.

As you step into Pet's Lagoon, you can't help but melt at the sight of these friendly furballs!!!
Such a sweet welcome right? I think I could die of diabetes man!
And wawa was wagging her tail excitedly the moment she saw so many new friends. I had to tell her to chill LOL. 

Cute accessories everywhere in store. So tempted to buy one of each design!
My next visit I'm definitely getting some for wawa.
I'm aiming the bling bling ones hehehe
She's sooo gona look more princess than she already is!

Nikki seems to have her way around wawa and she's surprisingly a 乖宝宝 hehehe.
I was looking at my darling through the glass door giving her all the support I can since it's her first time. And I think she knows that she was gona get a yummy treat if she's good ;)

Awww my adorable princess looks so happy after her grooming!!!
And I can FINALLY SEE HER EYES (for those who have been following me on instagram would know what I mean)

$55 for full grooming, pretty price friendly.
Love the customized cut for wawa according to my preference.
I'm not a fan of round headed cuts so thankfully wawa didn't end up looking like an astronaut hahaha.
So glad she was in good hands, thanks Nikki!

Nikki's baby poodle (left) and chow chow mixed poodle (right).
I was holding a treat in my hand and suddenly they stopped whatever they were doing and looked at me with those adorbs puppy eyes!!! OMG MAJOR CUTENESS...

I just had to....

Wawa whispering to her new friend hehe SHO CUTE XD

The cutie pies were quite camera shy.
So hard to get them to look at the camera haha!

In case you are wondering, they also provide daycare and boarding services.
If you are going on a holiday, you can feel safe leaving your doggies with them and your pets will love it too!
Nikki even sleeps with them at night ><

Next visit, I'm gona arrange doggie spa for wawa! ^^

Pet's Lagoon
71 Seng Poh Road #01-39 S160071 (next to Tiong Bahru Market)
Operating hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6.30pm
For more enquires, contact Nikki at 97253378

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