Review: Salon Vim by Chez Vous

My dry tresses and overgrown hair roots isn't exactly the next fashion statement I was intending to portray. 
NOOOOOOOO!!! *cries*
See.. my damaged hair is practically crying out loud!

so...... thankfully there's Salon Vim to the rescue!
I have always been a fan of light coloured hair because it goes well with our asian skin tone. 
Okay but not over the extreme like blonde, that is definitely a no no for me. 
Ymond picked out a colour that is just perfect for my style and personality.

For healthy and luscious looking hair, it is advisable to do a treatment after dye. 
I finally got my hands on  the famous Redken Chemistry Cocktail Treatment. 
For those who haven't already heard of the marvelous reviews of this, I'm gona share with you how AMAZING this product is now!

You must be wondering what all these 6 different treatments mean and which should you choose!
It is basically a mixed combination customised just for you, depending on the condition and texture of your hair.
I have previously permed my hair but that was like a year ago so my ends are SUPER dry and damaged due to the chemical treaments done but my roots are still pretty healthy. 
So Ymond picked out something most suitable for me.

All of the above were the cocktail combi designed for my hair ends. As you can see it is more intensive as I need a serious hair revival! *screams* 
Ymond went gentle on my hair roots, using only Redken's "colour extend",  "all-soft" and "mask" since it didn't require that much repair as compared to my ends. 

Now it's time to shake shake shake it with a cocktail mixer just like how the bartender prepares my favourite lychee martini!

Yay to healthy looking curls, so soft and bouncy!!!! 
Happy me couldn't help cam whoring after everything. hehe.
Gona come back again really soon for another Redken Chemistry Cocktail Treatment cos I'm so addicted to it.

Thank you Salon Vim, loving the brand new me!!!!